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The goal of the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation (AALF) is to ensure that all children have access to unlimited opportunities to learn anytime and anywhere and that they have the tools that make this possible. To achieve this, AALF helps schools develop visionary leadership and knowledgeable, innovative educators.


**Second Spring Session Just Announced for AALF Online Course: WE'VE GOT LAPTOPS, NOW WHAT? - FOUNDATIONS FOR SUCCESS

Are you a teacher, instructional or technology coach, or administrator new to 1:1 teaching and learning? Are you moving to a school with a 1:1 program or is your school introducing 1:1 in the coming year? Are you wondering where to start? Start here!

AALF's new online course is designed for new or soon-to-be 1:1 educators who are asking: What are the common foundations implemented in highly effective 1:1 classrooms? Why are these foundations effective? What are my next steps in designing and implementing these foundations?

Participants will learn how to backwards map the vital classroom foundations, principles, and strategies that lead to well implemented and effective 1:1 learning.

New Session Announced! A new course session will run from April 24-May 22, 2014. Course participants will meet for four 75 minute sessions.

Click here for more information.


We're currently looking for new 1:1 coaches and lead coaches to join the AALF team! If you're interested, click above for the job descriptions. Please send a resume, describing any coaching and other relevant experience. If you have questions, contact us here!


-- Action Research for Technology Integration (ARTI) Are you considering conducting action research in your classroom? According to Dr. Cathy Cavanaugh, the ARTI model, a cloud-based action research framework developed as part of a US federally funded K-12 project, is an innovative professional development tool that has helped shift practice. Click here to read more about ARTI!

-- Our friends at TakingITGlobal have recently launched Future Friendly Schools, a global network and certification recognizing schools' commitment to inclusive, responsible, and globally relevant education. The program was designed through a global consultation, with more than 4,000 school leaders, educators, and students playing a role in designing the indicators. Click here to learn more about the program (including the AALF scholarship), and get involved!

-- We've set up an EdWeb community for our AALF members to connect with one another. We'd love to have you join the conversation! Be sure to check out the 1:1 infographic "The Independent Learner" posted by a recent participant in our We've Got Laptops Now What?! online course. It's sure to be incredibly helpful for all 1:1 educators.


*How frequently do you use online assessments? Let us know by responding to our 10-second poll!


Latest Blog Posts

Read recently published entries from AALF member's blogs. Any AALF member can have their blog listed here, all you have to do is write a new entry.

Follow the Anti Cellulite diets

keith lacon | April 22

Most of the people have the wrong notion in mind that cellulite is building up of toxins in the body. The truth is that it is just some fats which are stacked up the lipid boxes. When your weight increases or if the collagen having the lipid boxes gets thicker, the fats will get squished this...

A Short Test of Vision

Bruce Dixon | April 15

Last time I said I would share some of the experiences of my recent travels. It seems only right to start with vision; right because, well, that’s where all good personal technology initiatives should start…but rarely do. No matter how often you run workshops for educational leaders...

(Computationally) Rethinking the Curriculum

Susan Einhorn | April 15

We at AALF have from our organizational start been guided by Professor Seymour Papert’s (considered by many as the ‘father of educational computing’) visions of learning in a technology rich world. Among these are that computers are not just for adult researchers but are the ‘children’s...

What Students Do

Justina Spencer | April 15

Get the conversation started with this month\'s quote from Neil Postman in Teaching as a Subversive Activity: \"In order to understand what kind of behaviors classrooms promote, one must become accustomed to observing what, in fact, students actually do in them. What students do in a classroom...

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AAL School Program Update

Hale@home Realises its Vision; and Builds Momentum for the Revolution

In the July issue of the Anytime Anywhere Learning Report, we shared a story about an innovative online program Hale@Home, at the Hale School, an independent school for boys in Perth, Australia.

In this article, Michael Valentine, Head of Online Learning, updates us on the program's progress, and how it has fostered a collaborative community at the school. Click here to read the latest news about Hale@Home!


SOLO Taxonomy

What kind of progression is required to move from low-level thinking to higher order thinking? How can you appropriately challenge each student, who arrives in the classroom, a unique person with different forms of prior knowledge? In this article, Steve Martin, award-winning New Zealand educator and author of Using SOLO as a Framework for Teaching, describes how the SOLO Taxonomy aids this process and helps to create a common language of learning. Click here to read about the SOLO Taxonomy!

By: Steve Martin, Howick College
April 15, 2014

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