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How Could They Have Let This Happen?

We\'d love to hear your thoughts on this quote from Alfie Kohn:

\"We are living through what future historians will surely describe as one of the
darkest eras in American education -- a time when teachers, as well as the very
idea of democratic public education, came under attack; when carrots and sticks
tied to results on terrible tests were sold to the public as bold \"reform\"; when
politicians who understand nothing about learning relied uncritically on corporate
models and metaphors to set education policy; when the goal of schooling was as
misconceived as the methods, framed not in terms of what children need but in terms
of \"global competitiveness\"-- that is, how U.S. corporations can triumph over their
counterparts in other countries.

There will come a time when people will look back at this era and ask, \"How the
hell could they have let this happen?\" \"

Do you agree with Kohn? Join the conversation and let us know!
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