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Faux Matelassé is meant to mimic the style

Turn it right side out, stuff it with rice, beans, foam rubber, or whatever, and then hand sew the last seam together! Knitted Interlining Fabric pieces can be used as head bands, bandanas, patches, sashes, curtain tie backs, decorative bows on packages, or even as the wrapping paper, for that matter. It can be glued onto a coffee can to make a canister, cover a small jewelry box, or be made into book covers and book marks.

Well, why not make some clothes for your daughter's favorite dolls? Or use them to make a stuffed animal for the baby? It can be anything from a teddy bear, to a snake, to a stuffed ball or car! If you don't feel creative, the patterns can be gotten for free on the internet. Just remember to sew them inside out, leaving on section open.

An interesting piece of material can be, starched, stretched and hung as a wall hanging. If the fabric is fragile, it can be hung in a picture frame and covered with non glare glass. Or make a family project of it and have the kids cut out shapes and pictures from the scraps, which then can be turned into a collage, framed and hung, or decoupage on an old piece of furniture!

Faux Matelassé is meant to mimic the style of hand-stitched Marseilles type quilts made in Provence, France. Matelassé is the French word meaning quilted or cushioned and having a surface with a raised design looking like it is embossed.Layered and sewn together, those fabrics can serve as place mats, table runners, or pot holders.

Sophisticated and timeless, perfect words to describe the stunning Matelassé design. If you have ever seen this Interlining China fabric and would love to have it repeated on your walls, you don't' need to be a faux artist or interior designer. You can have this beautiful faux Matelassé fabric finish on your walls using today's stencils. For more information, view http://www.interlining-factory.com/
November 13th, 2017 @ 10:02PM