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How do schools manage student behavior issues effectively?

As IT Director in a private coed high school of about 500 students, I was unable to find a perfect solution for automating the tracking of student behavior. In recent years, this was a growing concern: students were presenting with more issues that required the attention of the educators (e.g. poor work habits, disrespectful behavior both online and in school, bullying); teachers were trying to deal with these issues alone – without knowledge of similar experiences of their colleagues with these same students; administrators had difficulty getting information from teachers who were overloaded with reporting on students; and teachers were not getting adequate feedback from administrators regarding follow-up with students and parents. In other words, we were not working effectively as a team.
I am working on a solution to this problem. How are others dealing with this issue? Please see my blog article: http://edtechjsbf.com/archives/427
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