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Mona Lisa Smile

In 1953, is located in Massachusetts, known as the "no man's Ivy Wesley women's college, a new art history teacher, named Catherine Watson (Julia Roberts ornaments), she is a beautiful woman, just from the UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles) graduated from the University, the university accepted the freedom of thought reform, determined to become a distinguished #jeepokmk01 professor.
Although the status of women in the United States of the 50s was gradually paid attention to, the feudal ideology in the upper class was still Brand Cigarette very serious. At Wesley's famous women's University, most students have Popular Cigarette good family background and have received excellent education from an early age. But the education of college students is not to teach them how to get the knowledge they are interested in, nor to attach importance to psychological education. Instead, they should take the success and negation of their students as the future marriage, and the purpose of their learning is to marry a good husband. Betty (Kirsten Dunsteque), Joan (Julia Stiles) and Livy (Maggie Gyllenhaal) as a representative of a few very active girl, love in the class coquette, even with a variety of ways to challenge the teacher in the classroom. Catherine didn't follow the school's consistent teaching practices and styles like other teachers. She not only challenged school practices and rules, but also encouraged students to explore their interests and boldly practice their ideas.
In the end, she won the respect and love of her students by her youth and straightforward Smoking Cigarettes style, rich knowledge of art history, and interesting and enthusiastic teaching style. It was called "Monalisa" by female students.
December 3rd, 2017 @ 10:17PM