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The Purge

In the 2029, the United States was an era of economic recovery, and there was a scene of prosperity everywhere. The unemployment rate continues to be less than 1%, the people live and work, and the crime rate is still declining. But all this is just a beautiful soap bubble. In order to maintain such a good state, the United States government has launched a plan called "clear". The specific implementation of the plan is: from 7 o'clock in March 21, 2029 to 7 o'clock in March 22, 2029, all crimes, including murders, are lawful within 12 hours. In the 12 hours, emergency fire, rescue and fire services are also closed. So, in these twelve hours, all human cheap 100s cigarette activities can only rely on themselves.
James Sandin (played by Ethan Hawke) is the master of a rich four - mouth house. On the evening of March 21st, he returned home early, opened the whole house's safety, and was ready to spend the night at home. Their children are all exercising at home, and James themselves are dealing with their #jeepokmk01 work. On the computer in the family, the criminal activities of the outside world were monitored. Everything was quiet, but a black voice broke the newest tobacco peace.
The hot smoking wholesale man called for help so miserably that it seemed to be able to die at any time. James and his wife, Mary Sandin, played by Lena Heidi, are quite indifferent to this. But their children can't help, James's little son unauthorized opening the security system of the house, and let the stranger come in. This stranger, in fact, is a "prey" pursued by a group of people. In this person, it is a nightmare. Then came a group of criminals, in the face of this group of Desperado siege, in addition to the James to defend the family, but also wary of ready to the hearts of their bloodthirsty demons.
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