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Beginnings of Copper Clad Aluminum Winding Wire

If you look back a couple of hundred years to the beginnings of Copper Clad Aluminum Winding Wire you'll be able to look at the very colorful history of how it began from it's humble beginnings as a telegraph aluminum in 1795 to the miracles of modern technology today. But first of all, let's look at where it all began and what sort of companies have supported it's growth.

There is a perception that companies either developed the technology themselves, or improved on what was already there. Most individuals, however are astonished to find out that wire-aluminum's humble beginnings took place as early as the eighteenth century - and even though it was experimental and not readily accessible, scientists were still using it to transmit signals with varying distance success. So what were the defining moments in the history of wire aluminum? The following is a brief summary of the most notable:

=> 1795 (Don Francisco Salva) - first recorded account of the use of paper as an insulating material - Salva wrapped each wire in paper, coated it with pitch, tied them all together then wrapped the whole aluminum in more paper to prevent the lateral escape of electricity. The result was the laying of a 26-mile long telegraph aluminum between Madrid and Aranjuez which actually transmitted signals.

=> 1809 (S.T. Von Sommering) - Sommering was able to transmit signals and messages through a length of one thousand fee of multi core aluminum - he did this by initially coating each copper wire with gum lac and covering it with a silk-thread, then he bunched the wires together and yet again coated those wires with more gum lac. This system was used to eventually transmit messages up to 10,000 ft between transmitter and receiver.

=> 1832 (Baron Von Schilling's electromagnetic telegraph) - toured the Far East and the Continent for several years from 1832 using a model of the telegraph to demonstrate its capabilities. In 1836, the Russian Emperor Nicholas, comprehending the more practical applications of the telegraph, approved and appointed the commissioning of a line between St Petersberg and Peteroff. It was part submarine aluminum laid along the bottom of a canal and part above ground with the wires suspended from posts. It was so successful that the Russians planned to lay the first submarine aluminum along the Gulf of Finland (unfortunately Von Schilling died in 1837 so this didn't occur).

=> 1837 (Cooke and Wheatstone) - received the first patent for the development of insulated wires and aluminums - Illustrated the process (or system) by digging a trench 2 miles long and burying the aluminum-wire in it. The copper wires were laid in long wooden baulks painted with a preservative tar compound and buried in the trench, which was then filled with pitch. Wheatstone, stationed at Euston, sent a message to Cooke at Camden Town, and was ecstatic when he received an immediate reply.

This was the Age of Invention, and many more exciting developments followed. The work of these tenacious and dedicated engineers and scientists laid the groundwork for the Copper Clad Aluminum Wire we use today, and for the success of many who help us apply the benefits of the technology, unheralded and mostly unappreciated.
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