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1-to-1 Teaching and Learning Opportunities and Possibilities

What potential does 1-to-1 teaching and learning provide for students and teachers? I think one example that best sums it up is found in the following email message I received from one of my year 10 (sophomore) English Language Arts students. Sheryl's correspondence stated:

"Dear Mrs. Ward,
You expect me to think too much. I know it's good for me, but it makes me tired. Can you please just give me the answer? Your appreciative student, Sheryl"

Little did this young lady know that she had made my day...perhaps my school year, considering that this was just 7-weeks into the school year! The wise educator asks, "What elements had to be in place in this 1-to-1 classroom in order for the student to recognize that she was thinking deeper and this was hard work?" I would suggest that understanding effective and strategic foundations are the key to answering this question.

Experience has taught many of us that 1-to-1 teaching and learning provides opportunities for teachers and students that did not exist before. While these dynamic and engaging opportunities create a need for change in schools and classrooms, typically these changes are rewarding, and if carefully and strategically designed and implemented, can bring about life-altering experiences for both students and educators.
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