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In order to protect the brand, Marlboro parent quietly acquired iqos.com

The world's largest tobacco companies, Philip Morris (Philip Morris) recently acquired domain name iqos.com, the domain name has been transferred to its name in July 21, 2017.
Philip Morris must be unfamiliar, but the tobacco brand, Marlboro, is known to all, Cheap Cigarettes and it is one of the best selling cigarette brands in the world. As early as 1995, Marlboro cigarettes had a brand value of up to $44 billion 600 million.
Marlboro (Marlboro) is a cigarette brand, made by the world's largest tobacco companies Philip Morris (Philip Morris), is one of the world's best selling cigarette US Cigarettes For Sale brands. Brand name Marlboro originated in England, and finally registered Cigarettes Wholesale independently in the United states.
It is reported that the domain name iqos.com in March 2013 with 4000 U.S. dollars, about 25 thousand yuan price beat. Now, by tobacco companies Philip Morris, what is the purpose?
The original at the end of last year, Philip Morris launched a product called "IQOS" to the tobacco purifier, brand protection, has protected the iqos.co/.me/.net.cn domain name, the domain name iqos.com naturally will not miss, so #fghgfhf010# it will be in the bag.
At present, IQOS's official website domain name is enabled, domain name iqos.com.co, domain name iqos.com is also purchased for brand upgrade. Although the domain name iqos.com has not been officially launched, it is believed that it will replace iqos.com.co soon.
November 11th, 2017 @ 1:26AM