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Looking for US Primary School/s to host 121C planning team of teachers from Singapore

Hi everyone! I am Mdm Roselina Abdullah, Subject Head of ICT at Innova Primary School (http://www.innovapri.moe.edu.sg/). I represent a group of teachers (about 6 people) who are journeying on our school’s One-to-One Computing program. We are looking for an opportunity to embark on a learning journey in a few U.S. schools this year, hopefully in late November. In order for our hosting schools to benefit from this, we bring with us our experience and willingness to share them so that we can learn from each other and share good practices. Here is a snapshot of our journey so far….

Innova Primary School is a government elementary school for 7 to 12 year olds in Singapore. Since it has been running for 6 years only, it is considered a new school. School hours are from 7.45 am to 1.45 pm weekdays and its student population is a little over 1000 with about 100 staff. Lessons are conducted in English, except for languages like Malay, Chinese and Tamil. ICT lessons are one hour weekly, staggered for various levels over the school terms as we have only 3 computer labs with 40 laptops in each to be shared among all students. There are also mobile carts that can be booked by teachers.

We started our pilot phase of the program in 2012 with 2 classes of forty 10-year-olds. The students used laptops from the mobile carts. Four teachers were identified to implement the lessons based on their pedagogic aptitude. Each teacher was in charge of implementing specific subjects; English language, Mathematics, Science and Chinese. The teachers met quite regularly to design and review lessons.

This year, we officially rolled the program out for a new batch of 2 classes of 10-year-olds. The students were highly encouraged to purchase the school’s recommended ICT device from the school; a Windows-8 run tablet. Due to red-tape and paperwork, the tablets could only be purchased in May. In the meanwhile, they have been using laptops from the mobile carts.

What we hope to gain from the learning journey besides the finer points of implementing the program is most importantly, the professional development of teachers for this program and lesson development. We look forward to receiving favourable replies and potential collaboration with any interested U.S. schools.

Thank you in advance.
May 29th, 2013 @ 2:10PM