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2003 Barriers to Teachers' Adoption and Use of Technology-Supported Learner-Centered Pedagogies, 2002-2003

Date: 2003
Author: Peggy A. Ertmer, James D. Lehman, Sung Hee Park, Jeffry Cramer, and Karen Grove
Affiliation: Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Purdue University
Keywords: Teacher-staff development, middle school, PBL


Problem-based learning (PBL), a teaching/learning approach that relies on ill-structured problems to provide opportunities for student learning, can involve technology as a tool for acquiring, manipulating, and communicating information. In this report, we outline the professional development activities we have used over the last three years to support teachers' implementation of problem-based learning in their classrooms. Based on teacher interviews and PBL implementation data, we describe strategies that have worked, as well as those that haven't, and outline steps taken to confront the various barriers teachers encounter as they attempt to incorporate learner-centered pedagogies, supported by technology, within traditional classroom practice.

Key Findings:

This project highlights the amounts and kinds of support teachers need as they attempt to incorporate more learner-centered approaches within their classrooms. As suggested by our ongoing results, formal professional development is not likely to have lasting effects unless it can provide continuity between what teachers learn and what goes on in the classroom. Professional development efforts must address teachers' changing needs in both powerful and flexible ways.

Source Article: http://www.edci.purdue.edu/ertmer/docs/SITEO3_TKB_paper.pdf