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2004 Conditional Support of One to One Technology Immersion from a Critical Educational Theorist's Perspective

Date: 2004
Author: Wesley A. Fryer
Affiliation: Texas Tech University
Keywords: pedagogy, evaluation, one-to-one


This study examines the role of pedagogy in implementing a one-to-one program. The author questions questions whether it is largely the predominant pedagogy, or the technology that determines the scope of impact of one-to-one programs.

Key Findings:

* Basic assumptions about educational quality and visions for educational outcomes and reform vary widely.

* From a critical educational theorist's perspective, a banking model for instruction must be rejected and replaced with authentic opportunities for teacher / student interaction.

* Education cannot be properly viewed as a business, with operationalized outcomes analogous to profits and the corporate bottom line.

* The pedagogical philosophy with which the teacher and students approach the classroom is essential in defining the quality and types of interactions which are encouraged and valued there.

* Technology may be able to serve a constructive role in this pedagogical approach, but it is not a necessary requirement or a deterministic factor in the shaping of that environment.

* Technology is merely a tool, which can potentially be used for good or for ill depending on the attitudes and intents of the user.

Source Article: http://www.wesfryer.com/onetoone/conditional_onetoone_support.pdf