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What Blogs or Twitterers Do You Follow?

Where do you go to find new ideas: Twitter or a Blog? We have compiled a list, in no particular order, of some of our favorite Blogs and Twitterers. Click on the titles to go to the blog sites or click on the Twitterers' names to be directed to their Twitter pages.

1. Will Richardson by Will Richardson

2. Connectivism by George Siemens

3. Open Thinking by Alec Couros

4. The Fisch Bowl by Karl Fisch

5. Bud the Teacher by Bud Hunt

6. Practical Theory: A View from the Classroom by Chris Lehmann

7. The Power of Educational Technology by Liz B. Davis

8. Dangeroussly Irrelevant by Scott McLeod

9. Speed of Creativity by Wesley Fryer

10. Stager-to-Go by Gary Stager

Please share your favorite blogs and Twitterers with us here, and maybe we will feature them here on our web site!