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High School

2010 After Installation: Ubiquitous Computing and High School Science in Three Experienced, High-Technology Schools

2010 Eastern Townships School Board: Benefits and Challenges

2005 A Study of One-to-One Computer Use in Mathematics and Science Instruction at the Secondary Level in Henrico County Public Schools

2004 One-to-One Laptops in a High School Environment

2004 One-to-One Laptops in a High School Environment. Piscataquis Community High School Study

2003 Evaluation Report -Year 3, High School Laptop Computer Program, Liverpool Central School District, NY, 2002-2003

2002 Challenges in Implementing Technology-rich Curricular High School Biology Materials: First Year Findings from the Exploring Life Project

2001-2002 Liverpool Central School District Evaluation Report, Year 2, High School Laptop Computer Program