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eMerge One-to-One Laptop Learning Initiative: Year Two and Final Report

Date: 2010
Author: Prepared by the Metiri Group and the University of Calgary
Affiliation: Alberta Education, School Technology Branch


The Emerge One-to-One Laptop Learning Project (Emerge) was established in 2006 by Alberta Education to investigate the efficacy of laptops for teaching and learning in the 21st Century. Alberta Education used a competitive process in 2007 to award three-year grants to 20 jurisdictions, involving 50 schools.

This report presents the trends in Emerge jurisdictions across the first two years of the three-year initiative. These trends provide initial, mid-term answers to the research questions for the three-year study of Emerge, as identified by Alberta Education: 1. What are the potential educational benefits of one-to-one laptop learning? 2. What are the technical merits and innovative practices in one-to-one wireless learning? 3. What expertise, experience, and lessons learned have come from the Emerge One-to-One Laptop Learning Project in Alberta? 4. What is the level of jurisdictional and provincial readiness for systemically advancing 21st Century Learning and effective uses of technology in learning? 5. What are the trends and/or variances across indicators over time

Source Article: http://education.alberta.ca/admin/technology/emerge-one-to-one.aspx