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Assessing Educational Impact of the

Date: June 3, 2009
Author: Radomir Masaryk, PhD., Lenka Sokolova, PhD.,


* Assessing educational impact of the "Notebook per Every Pupil" project which is a part of the 1:1 Technology Rich Learning Environment (TRLE) concept; identifying

benefits of the project for individual target groups involved.

* In the research we want to explore contributions of this project to pedagogical approaches of the teachers, improvements by the pupils using Information and Communication Technologies compared to pupils of the same age without Information and Communication Technologies access, and also the widen impact of the project in Slovakia. The research results will inspire teachers across the country to follow this example.

Key Findings

Based on evaluation of all data we can conclude that the "Notebook per Every Pupil" project increases motivation of pupils and increases their interest in schoolwork.

In Trstena, pupils score higher in almost all aspects of motivation they liked homework, handle schoolwork well, like mathematics, and like studying through computers.

Most significantly, 100% of pupils indicated they liked studying in general. They indicated that their schoolwork improved after the notebook project was implemented. Since metacognitive skills allowing children to make reliable comparisons of one's performance are not fully developed in that age, this points out to higher motivation rather than objective assessment of their performance.

Source Article: http://www.notebookprekazdehoziaka.sk/data/other/research.pdf