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Understanding Virtual Pedagogies for Contemporary Teaching & Learning: An IdeasLab Whitepaper

Date: 2011
Author: Richard Olsen
Keywords: Pedagogy, Teaching

How might we best describe what contemporary teaching and learning looks like? There is a need for us to have a theoretical model that allows us to better understand our student's use of technology and be much more discriminatory in our use of technology for learning... Now that our students are living and learning in a technology-rich world, it is important that we are able to more critically discuss and evaluate our practice to ensure our students are getting the most from their online experiences, that they are exploring a whole new array of opportunities for higher-order thinking and learning, and that we fully understand the real value and impact of what is being learnt. The purpose of this white paper is to use the Collective Knowledge Construction Model to identify strategies by which knowledge construction is facilitated when learning online. And, secondly to encourage teachers, school leaders and other stakeholders to reimagine the pedagogical, technical and contextual consequences that arise from teaching and learning in technology rich environments. There are four strategies that influence how we learn and the way we behave online, that this white paper explores: Connecting, Communicating, Collaborating and Learning Collectively. For each strategy we ask: What are the distinguishing features of the strategy? What pedagogical approaches are suitable? What are the defining learning activities? What does the strategy challenge educators to rethink?

Source Article: http://www.ideaslab.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Understanding-Virtual-Pedagogies_CKC_ideasLAB.pdf