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Towards Victoria as a Learning Community

Date: 2012
Affiliation: State of Victoria, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
Keywords: Government


Victoria's educational performance has high stakes and demands immediate action. There are high stakes for under-performance: -Economic: Victoria's future prosperity and economic success hinges upon the skills, productivity and dynamism of our workforce - characteristics that are put in jeopardy by a flagging education system. - Societal: Without a robust and lively education, Victorian's ability to contribute to the social sphere is threatened, imperilling Victoria's future social cohesion, participation and the health of our democracy. -Individual: The negative effects will be felt at the individual level, with serious implications for the life and work chances of individuals. These stakes ground a powerful case for change. Victoria must raise educational performance, and the Government is committed to doing so in a bold and systematic way. This document sets out Victoria's plan and a third coordinated and comprehensive wave of reform to propel our education system to the global top tier.

Source Article: http://www.education.vic.gov.au/Documents/about/department/learningcommunity.pdf