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CEIBAL Next Steps-- Final Report

Date: January 30, 2013
Author: Michael Fullan, Nancy Watson, and Stephen Andersen


In this report we examine the first two phases of the CEIBAL from 2008 to the present and then make four interrelated recommendations for going to the next phase which we call-- focused implementation. Although schools were the arena in which Plan CEIBAL carried out its work, an emphasis on teaching and learning was not the top priority in the first phase of the initiative. As CEIBAL has moved into the next phase of its work, its leaders, along with leaders in the education system, have increasingly focused on how technology use can change teaching and learning in positive ways, and how such improvement can be accomplished across the whole school system, not just in a few schools or in pilot programs in limited areas of the count

Source Article: http://www.ceibal.org.uy/docs/FULLAN-Ceibal-English.pdf