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For the Love of Laptops: As Learning Tools, Tablets Don't Cut It

Date: 2013
Author: Gary Stager
Affiliation: Administrator Magazine
Keyword: Tablets


While some educators are excited to use computers to teach what we've always wanted kids to know, my work has been guided by a desire to help kids learn and do in ways and in knowledge domains that were otherwise inaccessible. Computing, the act of using a computer to make things--programs, novels, art, video, robots--is the game changer. From the beginning, there was an inevitability to one-to-one computing. It's sad that we are still debating the merits of such student empowerment two decades later. There is much to admire about the iPad (and its imitators). I love mine. I watch TV on it. It's light and small, and it has great battery life. In a classroom, the iPad's profile ensures eye contact with the teacher, if that's important to you. My 96-year-old grandmother uses an iPad without any district-funded PD. The iPad is a heckuva computer. Too bad Apple prohibits computing on the iPad.

Source Article: http://www.scholastic.com/browse/article.jsp?id=3757848