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Choosing the Wrong Drivers for Whole System Reform

Date: April 2011
Author: Michael Fullan
Affiliation: Center for Strategic Education


" 'Whole system reform' is the name of the game and 'drivers' are those policy and strategy levers that have the least and best chance of driving successful reform. A 'wrong driver' then is a deliberate policy force that has little chance of achieving the desired result, while a 'right driver' is one that ends up achieving better measurable results for students. Whole system reform is just that-- 100 per cent of the system --a whole state, province, region or entire country. This paper examines those drivers typically chosen by leaders to accomplish reform, critiques their inadequacy, and offers an alternative set of drivers that have been proven to be more effective at accomplishing the desired goal, which I express as

... the moral imperative of raising the bar (for all students) and closing the gap (for lower performing groups) relative to higher order skills and competencies required to be successful world citizens."

Source Article: http://www.michaelfullan.ca/media/13501655630.pdf