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Research Articles:

2014 1:1 iPad Initiative: A Four Year Study & Review

2014 Balancing the One-to-One Equation: Equity and Access in Three Laptop Programs

2014 The iPad in Education: Uses, Benefits, and Challenges

2013 Turkey's FATIH project: A Plan to Conquer the Digital Divide or a Technological Leap of Faith?

2013 CEIBAL: Next Steps-- Final Report

2013 Using InkSurvey with Pen-Enabled Mobile Devices for Real-Time Formative Assessment. I. Applications in Diverse Educational Environments

2013 Edtech Expert Discusses the Revolution in Computing

2012 Towards Victoria as a Learning Community

2012 Benefits and Challenges of Using Laptops in Elementary and Secondary School: Results of the Second Investigation at the Eastern Townships School Board

2012 Bring Your Own Device to School

2012 Tablets for Schools: One-to-One Tablets in Secondary School

2011 Using Affordable Technology to Decrease Digital Inequality

2011 One Laptop per Child Birmingham: Case Study of a Radical Experiment

2011 Understanding Virtual Pedagogies for Contemporary Teaching & Learning: An IdeasLab Whitepaper

2011 Technology, Coaching, and Community: Power Partners for Improved Professional Development in Primary and Secondary Education

2011 Choosing the Wrong Drivers for Whole System Reform

2011 Portugal Transforms Primary Education with 1:1 Technology Integration

2011 iPads Could Hinder Teaching, Professors Say

2011 Benefits and Challenges: The Eastern Townships School Board

2010 Netbooks on the rise: European overview of national laptop and netbook initiatives in schools

2010 Transforming Schooling via the 2010 National Educational Technology Plan

2010 U.S. National Education Technology Plan

2010 The Technology Factor: Nine Keys to Student Achievement and Cost Effectiveness

2010 eMerge One-to-One Laptop Learning Initiative: Year Two and Final Report

2010 Assessing Technology Literacy: The Case for an Authentic, Project-Based Learning Approach

2010 The End of Techno-Critique: The Naked Truth about 1:1 Laptop Initiatives and Educational Change

2010 Laptops and Fourth Grade Literacy: Assisting the Jump over the Fourth-Grade Slump

2010 Connect A School, Connect a Community Toolkit: Module on Disseminating Low-Cost Computing Devices in Schools

2010 Evaluating the Implementation Fidelity of Technology Immersion and its Relationship with Student Achievement

2010 After Installation: Ubiquitous Computing and High School Science in Three Experienced, High-Technology Schools

2010 One to One Computing: A Summary of the Quantitative Results from the Berkshire Wireless Learning Initiative

2010 Educational Outcomes and Research from 1:1 Computing Settings

2009 Research and Evaluation of the Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI) Laptop Program

2009 Assessing Educational Impact of the "Notebook per Every Pupil" Project

2009 GenYes White paper: Student Support for Laptop Programs

2008 CEIBAL en la sociedad del siglo XXI

2008 Learning with laptops: A multi-method case study

2008 One to One computing: What does it bring to schools?

2008 Maine's Impact Study of Technology in Mathematics (MISTM)

2008 Report on Learning With Laptops: Implementation and Outcomes in an Urban, Under-Privileged School

2008 Report on The Eastern Townships School Board Dennis McCullough Initiative- Enhanced Learning Strategy Survey

2008 Maine's Middle School Laptop Program: Creating Better Writers

2008 One-to-One Computing: What Does It Bring to Schools?

2008 Using Technology in Helping Students Achieve 21st Century Skills: A Pilot Study

2008 Living and Learning with New Media: Summary of Findings from the Digital Youth Project

2008 Using Technology in Helping Students Achieve 21st Century Skills: A Pilot Study

2008 Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School Wireless Learning Initiative Year 2 Results: Student and Teacher Survey Results Report

2007 Teacher Concerns During Initial Implementation of a One-to-One Laptop Initiative at the Middle School Level

2007 Running head: High School Laptops - Laptop Initiative Impact: Assessed using Student, Parent and Teacher Data

2007 One-to-One Laptop Initiatives: Powerful Hubs of a Distributed Student Learning Network?

2007 DMI-ELS ETSB Laptop Research Project: Report on the Grade Three Students

2007 Evaluation of the Kent Technology Academy 2005-2007

2007 A Study of the 1:1 Laptop Program at the Denver School of Science & Technology

2006 Implications of Ubiquitous Computing for the Social Studies Curriculum

2006 Implementation and Effects Of One-to-One Computing Initiatives: A Research Synthesis

2006 A study of the application of emerging technology: teacher and student perceptions of the impact of one-to-one laptop computer access

2005 Technology Promoting Student Excellence: An Investigation of the First Year of 1:1 Computing in New Hampshire Middle Schools

2005 Research: What It Says About 1 to 1 Learning

2005 Learning With Technology: The Impact of Laptop Use on Student Achievement

2005 Henrico County Public Schools iBook Survey Report

2005 A Study of One-to-One Computer Use in Mathematics and Science Instruction at the Secondary Level in Henrico County Public Schools

2005 "The Hundred Dollar Laptop--Computing for Developing Nations." Speech presented at the Emerging Technologies Conference, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA. 2005

2005 First Year Evaluation Report. Fullerton School District Laptop Program

2004-2005 The Wireless Writing Program

2004 The Impact of Maine's One-to-One Laptop Program on Middle School Teachers and Students. Phase One Summary Evidence.

2004 Trading Roles: Teachers and Students Learn with Technology; Maine Learning Technology Initiative Research Report #3

2004 One-to-One Laptops in a High School Environment

2004 One-to-One Laptops in a High School Environment. Piscataquis Community High School Study.

2004 Promoting academic literacy with technology: successful laptop programs in K-12 schools

2004 Evaluation of Personalised Laptop Provision in Schools

2004 Laptop Learning: A Comparison of Teaching and Learning in Upper Elementary Classrooms Equipped With Shared Carts of Laptops and Permanent 1:1 Laptops

2004 Laptop Use By Seventh Grade Students with Disabilities: Perceptions of Special Education Teachers.

2004 Lessons Learned About Providing Laptops for All Students

2004 Assessing the Impact of One to One Technology Immersion on Student Attendance: Chasing Shadows or the Panacea for Educational Reform?

2004 Conditional Support of One to One Technology Immersion from a Critical Educational Theorist's Perspective

2003 Barriers to Teachers' Adoption and Use of Technology-Supported Learner-Centered Pedagogies, 2002-2003

2003 Evaluation Report-- Year 3, High School Laptop Computer Program, Liverpool Central School District, NY, 2002-2003

2003 In Search of Successful Technology Integrators

2003 Quaker Valley Digital School District Early Effects and Plans for Future Evaluation

2003 Demystifying the Digital Divide

2003 The Effect of Computers on Student Writing:-A Meta-Analysis of Studies from 1992 to 2002

2003 The Maine Learning Technology Initiative: Teacher, Student, and School Perspectives Mid-Year Evaluation Report

2003 When Each One Has One: The Influences on Teaching Strategies and Student Achievement of Using Laptops in the Classroom

2002 Challenges in Implementing Technology-rich Curricular High School Biology Materials: First Year Findings from the Exploring Life Project

2002 Let my laptop lead the way: A Middle Eastern Study

2002 Tracing Teachers' Use of Technology in a Laptop Computer School: The Interplay of Teacher Beliefs, Social Dynamics, and Institutional Culture

2002 Using Technology to Create and Enhance Collaborative Learning

2002 Using Technology To Enhance Connections Between Home And School: A Research Synthesis

2001-2002 Study Laptop Computers as a Tool for Authentic Instruction, Florida Title I Elementary School

2001 Evaluation Report High School Laptop Computer Program: School Year 2000/2001

2001 Fostering Girls' Computer Literacy through Laptop Learning: Can Mobile Computers Help to Level Out the Gender Difference?

2001 It's OK to be Stupid: Contributions Professional Community Makes to Exemplary Technology Use

2001 Running head: High School Laptops - Laptop Initiative Impact: Assessed using Student, Parent and Teacher Data

2001 The Impact of Portable Technologies on Teaching and Learning: Year Two Report, Athens Academy, 2000-2001 school year

2001 The relationship between models of student laptop computer use and teacher instructional behavior

2001 Web Browsing, Mobile Computing and Academic Performance

2000 A More Complex Picture: Laptop Use and Impact in the Context of Changing Home and School Access

2000 From Teaching Technology To Using Technology To Enhance Student Learning: Preservice Teachers' Changing Perceptions Of Technology Infusion

2000 Ubiquitous Computing for Teaching, Learning, and Communicating: Trends, Issues & Recommendations

1999 Evaluation Report, Year 3, Middle School Laptop Program, Beaufort County School District, 1998-1999

1999 West Virginia Story: Achievement Gains from a Statewide Comprehensive Instructional Technology Program 1999; What impact does technology have on learning?

1998 Teaching, Learning, and Computing: 1998 National Survey

1998 Evaluation Report Year 2, Beaufort County School District, South Carolina, 1998

1998 Powerful Tools for Schooling: Second Year Study of the Laptop Program

1997 Report of a Laptop Program Pilot