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21 Steps to 21st Century Learning Institute

If you have decided to implement a 1-to-1 student laptop learning program in your school, the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation's 21 Steps to 21st Century Learning Institute, is the logical first step for your school or district. Over two intensive days, your Institute leader will take you through the 21 steps you should follow to successfully implement a student laptop program and tailor the program to your vision and your school's needs. Based on the experiences of thousands of laptop schools around the world, the 21 Steps to 21st Century Learning range from research and resource assessment, through all stages of project and financial planning, communications, professional development, and deployment.


* Use financial modeling to address affordability and sustainability.

* Assess your readiness to successfully implement 1-to-1 in your school or district.

* Learn about how to build and communicate a shared vision.

* Discuss valuable program components including support, service and partnerships.

* Develop essential policies for an effective 1-to-1 implementation.


By the end of the two days, you will be prepared with a clear understanding of where to start and how to develop your laptop program. By working through some of the checklists and planners with your peers, you will have a better understanding of how to develop a 1-to-1 program focused on:

* A strongly supported vision and culture across the whole school community

* An effective technical infrastructure and support

* Student-centred instructional practices and pedagogies

* Key issues and challenges around staff professional development strategies


A 21 Steps to 21st Century Learning Institute for up to 25 participants can be scheduled for your school or district. Participants may include your superintendent and/or assistant superintendent, your principal(s), board members, fiscal manager, technology and curriculum directors, and other pedagogical leaders. To schedule a 21 Steps to 21st Century Learning Institute in your area and tailored to your needs, contact Susan Einhorn