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ASB Unplugged 2010

Discussions and idea/resource sharing for participants in ASB Unplugged 2010 and the 21 Steps preconference workshop. Please share your thoughts and questions about planning and implementing 1:1 and how this is or can contribute to transforming learning.

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Sharing resources and background readings

Bruce Dixon | February 16

Great to see our list of pre-conference readings is steadily growing. Hope you've all had time to look over them. If you have any other articles or links that you think might be relevant background reading for our workshop next week at ASB Unplugged, please add them to our resource/reading list.

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Web Resources

21 Steps to 21st Century Learning - ASB Unplugged 2010 Presentation
Susan Einhorn | February 24, 2010
Here are the presentation slides from the AALF 21 Steps pre-conference workshop at ASB Unplugged 2010.

Principles of High-Quality Mentoring
Susan Einhorn | February 13, 2010
Interesting article on mentoring new teachers, with recommendations that apply to mentoring and coaching initiatives for all teachers.

The End of Techno-Critique: The Naked Truth About 1:1 Laptop Initiatives and Educational Change
Susan Einhorn | February 13, 2010
This analysis responds to a generation of criticism leveled at 1:1 laptop computer initiatives. The article presents a review of the key themes of that criticism and offers suggestions for reframing the conversation about 1:1 computing among advocates and critics. Efforts at changing,...

Technology pushes HSC on to laptops
Susan Einhorn | January 30, 2010
An interesting article that discusses a number of issues that concern both parents and educators - issues that can be addressed in policies developed during the planning and implementation steps leading to your 1:1 initiative.

Minds on Fire: Open Education, the Long Tail, and Learning 2.0
Susan Einhorn | January 30, 2010
John Seely Brown discusses "social learning" and how the internet and technology is changing learning.

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