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This community is intended for Durant, OK, educators who are participating in or just interested in 1:1 learning. Please use this community to post blogs, have discussions, share headlines, events or ideas related to what you are learning in the 21 Steps to 21st Century Learning Institute or in your classroom experiences with 1:1. This is a excellent space to communicate with your peers and open up a dialogue around your 1:1 implementation.

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Our first mousse recipe is a classic version that borrows

ledfloodlight ledfloodlight | November 20

Repeat using 30 second intervals, stirring after every interval until fully Led street light melted and waiting a minute between intervals to let the heat of the bowl dissipate. Add mascarpone, cream, coffee, and wine to a blender, adding melted...

Don t wait until your dog is 6 months old to start training.

ledfloodlight ledfloodlight | November 20

Don t think that you can bring a puppy home and then go out for a night on the town. Start associating right from wrong with your puppy using a system of consequence and reward. [url=http://www.classicledlight.com/product/led-tunnel-light/]Led tunnel light[/url] They are well intentioned people...

They are also able to flush all the toxins

plain bearing | November 10

This fat is important when it comes to improvement of cardiovascular health. In many cases, arthritic joint pain is as a result of accumulation of many toxins in the joints, many of which are toxic in nature. . It is important that people know hot to stop joint pain since everyone will have to...

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