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Looking for US Primary School/s to host 121C planning team of teachers from Singapore

Rose A | May 29

Hi everyone! I am Mdm Roselina Abdullah, Subject Head of ICT at Innova Primary School (http://www.innovapri.moe.edu.sg/). I represent a group of teachers (about 6 people) who are journeying on our school’s One-to-One Computing program. We are looking for an opportunity to embark on a learning...

How do schools manage student behavior issues effectively?

Brenda Fayerman | April 11

As IT Director in a private coed high school of about 500 students, I was unable to find a perfect solution for automating the tracking of student behavior. In recent years, this was a growing concern: students were presenting with more issues that required the attention of the educators (e.g....

From Age to Age - the effects of the shift in educational paradigms

Adrian Bertolini | February 8

It is currently a frustrating and challenging time in education. It seems as if teachers and educators are speaking one language and having one set of outcomes for the students they teach, and politicians, the media, and parents are speaking another. Because they are. It is occurring because...

Puzzles versus Mysteries

Adrian Bertolini | February 10

I have just been reading Malcolm Gladwell’s latest book, What the Dog Saw (Allen Lane, 2009), and one of the articles in the book had me thinking. In this particular chapter of the book called “Open Secrets” Malcolm discusses a...

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Slovakia Notebook per every pupil project - research results

By: Roman Baranovic, Microsoft | June 22, 2009

Microsoft Unlimited Potential Group announced findings from a commissioned report by a team of educational research professionals on the benefits of students having one-to-one access to laptops in the classroom.

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