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Name: Adrian Bertolini
Title & Organization: Dr
City, Region, Country: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
URL: http://www.intuyuconsulting.com.au
Email: office@intuyuconsulting.com.au
On Twitter: http://twitter.com/IntuyuConsultin
About Me:
Adrian Bertolini has been training individuals, businesses and schools around Australia in inquiry-based learning for the past 12 years. He redeveloped Adrian Bertolinithe ruMAD? (aRe yoU Making A Difference) program for the Education Foundation and took it from a small Victorian program to one being delivered nationally. ruMAD? is acknowledged as one of the pre-eminent inquiry-based learning models in the country. Recently it won the 2009 Garth Boomer Award for curriculum development.

Adrian's background is eclectic. He began life as an engineer, obtaining 3 degrees including a PhD in Mechanical Engineering before teaching Aerospace Engineering at RMIT University for 5 years. It was during this time he became interested in Educational pedagogy and he forwarded the redesigned of the Aerospace Engineering degree to meet the needs of the 21st century. He has spent time in the USA involved in micro-satellite student programs and corporate leaders programs at Arizona State University.

Adrian travels extensively and has worked with over 150 schools in both Victoria and Queensland to shift their approach to teaching and learning. He has also worked with councils and community organisations (CFA, Red Cross, Brotherhood of St Laurence, etc) to develop student-oriented learning approaches and materials to enable community groups to link more effectively with schools.
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